Google’s Safe Browsing Tool

04 Oct

Concerned about Malware on your website? Google has a diagnostic tool that helps to determine if you have malware on your website.

To check the current state of your site, use this URL and be sure to add your domain in place of with your URL. Once you find your site is infected, there are several things you can do to restore site health.

<a href=""></a>


  1. Update your version of WordPress – Previous versions of WordPress could be compromised by malicious code. Updating to the current version keeps your site free of common threats.
  2. Update all of your Plugins – Older plugin could also leave your site vulnerable to malicious code.
  3. Don’t use free WordPress Themes – Several WordPress themes, especially those you find on the Internet have malicious code designed to steal bandwidth and send traffic to other sites. I know how tempting downloading a premium theme from the Internet but dong that could create a serious problem for your website, The only place you can safely grab a Free WordPress theme is from the WordPress Repository or a reputable theme designers website.

For WordPress Security tips click here.


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