Los Angeles WordPress Website Maintenance

If you’re currently using WordPress – developing your website, adding functionality, or managing site content – and need help getting the most out of your WordPress blog or website, I can help!me

Reasons Why You May Need to Hire me to Maintain Your Site:

  • Your designer is too busy or otherwise avoiding your calls
  • Formatting content is an issue always an issue
  • You feel like your going to mess up or page or worse, destroy the site
  • Your posts don’t show up
  • You’ve uploaded images and they are too big
  • You’ve embedded a video and it doesn’t work
  • You have a great promotional idea and want to post it immediately
  • You have an event coming up and you want to promote
  • Your websites navigation  has become unorganized and your readers aren’t navigating to pages of interest
  • The plugins installed on your site do not support your business objectives
  • You want to automate some processes, and think there may be a plugin out there that will help
  • You receive spam to your email and you want to find something that will help stop it
  • You’ve got a good amount of traffic to your site, how do you link to twitter and facebook?
  • There’s weird code showing up on pages, and you want to know what you are doing wrong…
  • The Pharma virus has attacked your site

I can assist you with your website issues on a per project or monthly basis. Please contact me directly for more