Uber Text Mobile Confirmations with Google Voice

28 Feb

Hopefully you aren’t stranded and waiting for an Uber car while reading this message. Unfortunately the same thing happened to me. If you use Google Voice as your primary number, you will not receive a confirmation text from Uber. Instead you will need to text Uber from your Google voice account from a desktop PC. See my instructions below:

Before you can take a ride with Uber, you’ll have to confirm your mobile number. If you change the phone number on your account, you’ll have to verify again to keep riding.

To confirm your mobile number, just text the word “go” to 827-222.

If you don’t get a reply saying that your number was confirmed or the response is “Message blocking is active,” your mobile service provider may be blocking you from texting our number. Give your provider a call to see if they will let you text 827-222.

Google Voice users may have to login to http://google.com/voice in order to text the word “go” to 827-222.

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