WordPress Tutoring


If you’re currently using WordPress – developing your website, adding functionality, or managing site content – and need help getting the most out of your WordPress blog or website, I can help!

Reasons Why You May Need a WordPress Tutor

  • Your designer is too busy or otherwise avoiding your calls
  • Formatting content is an issue always an issue
  • You feel like your going to mess up or page or worse, destroy the site
  • Your posts don’t show up
  • You’ve uploaded images and they are too big
  • You’ve embedded a video and it doesn’t work
  • You have a great promotional idea and want to post it immediately
  • You have an event coming up and you want to promote
  • Your websites navigation is unorganized and your readers aren’t navigating to pages of interest
  • The plugins installed on your site do not support your business objectives
  • You want to automate some processes, and think there may be a plugin out there that will help
  • You receive spam to your email and you want to find something that will help stop it
  • You’ve got a good amount of traffic to your site, how do you link to twitter and facebook?
  • There’s weird code showing up on pages, and you want to know what you are doing wrong…

Hourly WordPress Tutoring lessons may include:

  • Basic WordPress site settings
  • Creating posts & pages
  • Navigation setup
  • Importance of categories and organizing content
  • Uploading media (photos, audio, videos)
  • Installing plugins (there are hundreds of very cool ones that will make your site stand out)
  • Uploading media (photos, audio, videos)
  • Adding products (if applicable)
  • Theme settings/instructions
  • And/or specific information that helps with you with your business.

More About My Tutoring Sessions

  • Customized Curriculum – All of my WordPress tutoring sessions are tailored to meet your individual need(s).  I can also help you resolve issues with your website designers, theme designers and other website support.
  • Location, Location, Location! – Tutoring sessions are accomplished in person for residents in The San Fernando Valley, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles and West Hollywood) or via Google+ with ongoing support available by email thereafter.
  • Payment Terms – New students must pay their first visit in advance for their first appointment.  The remaining balance is due the day of our session. I do not schedule more than two hours concurrently unless otherwise discussed.

Interested? Let’s Connect!

  • Most tutoring blocks are scheduled in 2 hour intervals, although other blocks of time are available.
  • Currently I only provide face-to-face tutoring in the San Fernando Valley, West Los Angeles, Hollywood, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. All other tutoring is available online via Google+.